Natalie prescribes Chinese herbal medicine as a part of her regular care in conjunction with acupuncture. She dispenses formulas in tablets or tinctures in her office. The majority of these tablets and tinctures are from which is tested by a third party for safety. To see the lab test results for your bottle of Chinese herbal tablets from please visit their website and type in the LOT # from your bottle of herbs which is written next to the expiration date on the bottle.


Natalie also writes custom formulas which can be given in powder form, capsules or raw herbs to cook as a decoction or tea. All herbs can be shipped to the patient’s home via UPS. Patients can choose to receive their custom formula in raw herbs form, powder form or capsules. The raw herb form comes as dried raw herbs wrapped in tissue. One pack is placed into a clay tea pot covered in water, add 8 cups of purified water over the herbs. You may want to allow the herbs  some time to absorb the water,  then bring them to a boil for 5 minutes then lower to a simmer for 20 minutes. There should be approximately 4 cups of liquid  left after cooking the herbs. Strain the tea, and keep the liquid tea in a separate container and start over cooking the same herbs in fresh water. Then combine both batches of the prepared tea, discard or compost the raw herbs.  Keep the liquid in a glass container (not plastic or metal), and store in the fridge for up to 3 days. The dosage is  1 cup three times a day.


If you chose to have your custom formula in a powder form, simply add 2 teaspoons of the powder to hot water and drink as a tea, usually 1 cup three times a day. The ingredients are listed on the bottle(s) of both the powder form and the encapsulated powders.


If you chose to have your custom formula prepared into capsules you will most likely receive 4 bottles. There are four bottles because custom formulas are made into 100gm batches of powdered herbs which fits into one bottle. When they put the powder into capsules, it takes up much more space so they have to use 3 more bottles to contain all the capsules. The dosage may very so be sure to ask how many and at what time of day you should be taking them. The label will typically say 4 capulses twice a day in which case you can divide the doses into two and take 4 after breakfast and 4 after dinner, unless otherwise directed. If you experience bloating, try dividing the herbs up into 2 capsules 4 times a day after a snack or meal. Most Chinese herbs are fine to take in between meals and they will be stronger when taken alone. If you are being treated for a digestive type disorder  you may also take them after meals as this will aid your digestion. *If the herbs are to strengthen or nourish you stop taking them if you develop an infection and resume taking the herbs after the infection (a cold/ or flu) has passed.


Natalie also has extensive training and experience with dietary supplements and  she carries supplements that are not sold outside of physician’s offices from companies such as Designs for Health, Standard Process and Green Pastures in her office. She also carries Gemmotherapy and Arnica gel and pellets.


Chinese herbal formula or supplement refills can also be purchased at Capitol Drugs in West Hollywood or Sherman Oaks, The Wellness Store on 14th Street and Santa Monica Blvd in Santa Monica, or The Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy.

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