What is a Doula?


A doula’s job is to love the mother! To provide comfort, massage, reassurance and informed support. As a doula, I have helped women achieve the birth of their dreams, providing continuous support, massage and acupuncture, throughout their entire labors.
I have also doula’d women during C-sections, massaging them in the recovery rooms and ensuring that their baby is brought to them as soon as possible to begin and ensure success with breastfeeding. Having had both a home-labor with a midwife and a C-section myself, I am uniquely qualified to anticipate a mother’s needs in this vulnerable situation.

I’ve doula’d women whose babies were in theĀ NICUĀ (neonatal intensive care unit) and shuttled back and forth with photos and up to the minute information on the status of their baby’s health. I provide reassurance and comfort as well as advocating on behalf of the entire family: mother, baby and father. I’ve helped women who are separated from their baby to use a breast pump, and to handle fear and uncertainty. And my number one goal is to connect mother and baby/babies with koala care and rooming -in.
Why have a doula when there are nurses in the hospital?

As a doula, I am loyal only to you and your family, not the hospital. I have no other patients to attend to while a nurse has several and will mostly be doing data input into a computer and then monitoring your vital signs from a computer monitor in another room. Nurses have shifts, I am with you the entire time. Even in the recovery room after a C-Section there will be one nurse monitoring every woman in that recovery room, responding to the alarms that go off when a mother’s blood pressure is out of normal range. As your doula, I am massaging you and reassuring you which helps keep your blood pressure in a normal range. I am also manually increasing circulation to get blood flow back into your numb feet and lower legs. I use organic shea butter with essential oils to soothe and comfort you for as many hours as it takes.

Whether a birth is a homebirth with a midwife, or a planned C-section- I have supported mothers to ensure they are treated with the utmost respect and care- seeing that every need, emotional and physical is met!

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